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English Literature GCSE

What are IGCSEs?

❶Our course is delivered via our online learning platform as this provides learners with a dynamic and engaging experience.

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This GCSE English Language course has been written to the latest specifications and has been designed to give you the best possible chance of success. We are no longer taking enrolments for the Summer exam season. All enrolments now will be for exams in Summer You will be required to complete the two standard GCSE written exams. There is no coursework to complete for this course. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take an additional, optional non-exam assessment NEA to demonstrate your skills in spoken language, including presenting, responding to questions and feedback, and use of standard English.

This optional assessment is separately endorsed. It will be reported as a separate grade and will not contribute to the result of the GCSE qualification. You will need to take the 2 standard GCSE examinations in order to fully complete this course.

This syllabus has been chosen specifically because it is the best suited to distance learning. You will benefit from our personal tutor support for a period of up to 18 months from the date of enrolment. If you need longer, this, of course can be arranged. Our course is delivered via our online learning platform as this provides learners with a dynamic and engaging experience. The learning resources are in a range of different media including videos, e-books, and online quizzes.

You study the same curriculum, take the same examinations and get the same qualification. The only difference is that the course is specially designed to be studied from home in your own time. You certificate comes directly from the awarding body. You will have access to your personal tutor, via phone and email , who will mark your assignments and guide you through the course to help you get ready for your examinations. In addition, you will be supplied with a comprehensive Study Guide which will help you through the study and assessment process.

Assignments are marked by your personal tutor within 3 days. For an interesting story, create a character with a problem. Start your story a few moments before the problem starts. Then he falls into a hole. Then she realises one of the children is missing. He has to rescue him.

The world behind the mirror is either downright terrifying, or subtly weird and starts to get weirder. Aim to write paragraphs. Paragraphs should create a sense of place, mood and atmosphere.

You should also introduce your main character. Follow the tips about starting your story shortly before the main problem, or action. Add detail, more tension and more subtlety. Limit the number of characters. Aim to write words - two to three sides of A4. You may also like to use flashback and different types of narrative time [post coming soon]. For a story, and even for a description, you may want to create tension.

Find out how to create tension here. Use fragments for effect.

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personally i think this is unfair, as do many others. but more importantly i was aiming for an A* in my GCSE English Literature GCSE, having already achieved an A in eng language, but now i am in doubt whether i shall get it or not and also if this coursework .

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English GCSE can be difficult but English biz is here to help! English biz is the biz!Yes. Just click here and you'll see what others have said about this website. Those comments are from students just like you. English Literature GCSE Revision and Coursework Tutorials. Our English Literature GCSE audio study guides provide both teachers and students with a resource that can help throughout a period of study and for exam preparation. Each tutorial series is made up of individual educational podcasts that cover all the elements required for the GCSE .

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GCSE English Literature You'll bestudying dramatic works, poetry and prose and analysing how they were written, what they say about the times in which they were written, and the devices that the writers used to tell their story effectively. Background of a research papers on it pdf - english literature gcse coursework help September 11, Uncategorized 0 Tell me how writing a 5 page essay on understanding comic books is going to help me in my future.